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Gofa, Gofa is a beautiful green land still not completely opened for tourism activity, which potentially offers a great variety of attractions for tourists.

So this, an all inclusive tourism directory web site of the Gofa region,we will give you some basic facts, figures, & anecdotes and provide a general information about the Gofa tribe in particular.


  • Famous Peoples
    Dambe –Na: who was known for his hero. During his life, he was said to be fearless...
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  • Kingdoms of Gofa
    Gofa Kawo(Gofa King):Gofa kawo is to refer the kingdoms that ruled territories which properly known as Gofa..
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  • Learn Music and Dance
    In times of weeding, funeral, production activities and in times of festivals the Goffas enjoy dancing and singing in different occasions..
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  • Learn goffigna language
    Conversation types in Goffigna, Amharic and English
    How are youSaro de7eetiiእንደምን አላችሁ

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    Demba Goffa woreda is bordered with Dawuro zone and kucha woreda in the North, Geze Goffa woreda in the south,Zala woreda in the east
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    Geze Goffa woreda has different Geographical feature when we see its topography ups and downs are dominant...
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  • MELO
    Melo woreda is one of 5 woredas in gofa which are found in the SNNPR state, and Gamo Gofa Zone..
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  • ZALA
    Zala woreda is one of 15 woredas and 2 town administrations which are found in the SNNPR state, and Gamo Gofa Zone.
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    Uba Debretsehay was established as a garrison town in 1955 latter the town was renamed as Beto why is the administrative center of uba Debretsehay woreda
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Gofa Nationality

The Gofa Nationality  The Gofa Nationality inhabited an administration division in (SNNPRS) in Gamo Gofa Zone. The Gofa is one of five nationalities living in the Gamo Gofa Zonal administration. The Gofa nationality predominantly lives in five woreda’s and Sawla town administration and three Kebeles of Oyda Woreda, Demba Gofa Woreda, Zala Woreda, Uba Debretsehay Woreda,Malo Koza, Sawla Town Administration and Kebeles from Oyda Woreda are Uba Yambla, Uba Ganchila, Uba total population is more than million on all these adiminstrative regions. They have their own district culture, language and history. The poletical and geographical divisions of Gofa are defined mainly by the principal mountains, water ways and other and features.    Though, there exist no adequate studies and survey records on the gofa history and culture, the traditional Gofa live scaffered in five kawodoms. The main traditional kawodoms are said to be Gofa, Zala, Uba, Malo and Bayo. The name Gofa can be considered as a collective term applied to the all people inhabiting in the above mentioned areas. The gofa culture is assentially uniform apart from the vaptious kawodoms.The Gofa scarf border with the Gamo in the east and North with Dawro in the North-West and West. With Konta in the West with Male, Oyda, Basketo and Ari in the South. .         


  • The park has various wild animals which includes the most power full hairly black lion.

  • It has also 39 various amphibians and 196 plants specious and 6 bird is found there.
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  • The womba waterfall is found in goffa, north west of sawla town. The height of this waterfall
  • is about 100ms. The waterfall has three steps (layers). Its first step is 30ms, the second 30ms and the third step 40ms height.
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  • It is the most economic validated crop that a cash crop which accelerates the economy
  • of the area. It is grown in the climate condition of kola and woynedega.
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Laima Tsala Bibbo holly waterላይማ ፃላ ፍል ውሃ

  • Found in the village called Tsalla – Banna at a distance of 45 kms from Sawla town.

  • The water is believed to cure the paitents from various diseases such as skin disease and other relted disease.
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MUSIC & DANCEየጎፋ ሙዚቃ እና ዳንስ

  • In times of weeding, funeral, production activities and in times of festivals the
  • Goffas enjoy dancing and singing in different occasions.
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  • livestock production is very important in both beaf and leather, it would be one of the best field for investment
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Zala Elile Kawo Shuchaዛላ የንግስት ኢሊሌ ድንጋይ

  • Gonoze (symbol of queen Elile:) it is found in the woreda particularly in shede Dola
  • kebele. The symbol represents the dead – body of the queen for the sin she has made up on the king. According to the legendary, the queen makes...
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  • Sesame (Selit): is one of the most important cash crop next to coffee. It is mainly
  • grown in the lowland altitude which covers quarter of the area.
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  • Teff (gashe): It grows in the middle and lowland (kola and woinadega) climatic
  • condition. As Goffa comprises the three climatic conditions, the production of Teff is available in the area.
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The Term Gofa:is originated from ‘Gosha’s mother Goffe and the heroic king ‘Goba’ (meaning brave, strong warrior) while he was ruling Gofa region. It is located at the distance of 516 kilometers far from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, 288 kilometers from Hawassa, the capital of the southern Nations Nationalities and people’s region (SNNPR) and 258 kms from Arbaminch, the capital of Gamo Gofa Zone.